My shop is not about direct sales. Rather, it is about a collection of personal treasures. Compiled and treasured - by me. An aesthetic that describes me very well. From furniture to decorative accessories to clothing or fragrances. Let yourself be inspired or ask yourself honestly: WHAT. THE. F**K. Either way, do it with passion, and honesty! Something like that always inspires the need for conversation *smile*. 

Have Fun!

Chergui - Serge Lutens

A soft and sultry breeze that actually makes all the ingredients caress the skin at once. But first, a slight shiver of something candied that is sweet, combined with something resembling a hay note (coumarin?) that leads into a black tea-like sensation sweetened by honey. I write 'something' twice because it's all so pleasantly indefinable. Do I smell cinnamon or not, do I smell finely grated sugar or not? Then a whirlwind of rose petals surrounded by powdery iris and milky sandalwood. Beautiful. All this is made "firmer", more animalic and sensual in the base of Chergui by tobacco, leather and amber, each mixed with musk. Don't think that tobacco and leather make Chergui 'masculine', because the sweet notes make it 'feminine', i.e. androgynous - something typical of all Serge Lutens fragrances.

Dr. Vranjes - ROSSO NOBILE

The Rosso Nobile room fragrance originates from a challenge set by Francis Paolo Vranjes. His good friend, a wine producer, was convinced that more scents are perceived in a glass of red wine than those that can be reproduced in a perfume. And that it was impossible to create a fragrance that could reproduce these nuances. He was proved wrong a few years later when the perfumer sent him Rosso Nobile.


Rosso Nobile is a sublime accord between the sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries, the soft notes of violets and magnolia and the birch wood that evokes the effect of tannins in wine. The scent of a Tuscan red wine is ideal for creating relaxing living spaces.

Maison Francis Kurkddjian - OUD silk mood

Oud Silk Mood smells incredibly romantic to me. If romance had a fragrance, it would probably be like that. The romance it exudes has something unisex and intimate, something truly erotic. I think it's enormously private. So where do you wear it as a man? On the balcony on a warm summer night. Under a dressing gown. Or maybe just directly in bed. For me, it's definitely not a fragrance for mundane occasions. Not one for everyday life. Not one for leisure, or even for a romantic candlelight dinner. In short: it calls for intimacy. That moment when two souls are extremely close to each other, when they merge. Also physically. Then, yes then, I think you can wear it very well as a man. Then it plays out its sensuality, its seduction to the full. Then it is truly a fragrance of love, of pure romance.  

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