What you need to know about me...

Laurens Hammermeister

Born in 2001, my life on the edge of civilisation in a village of 600 inhabitants was carefree. I enjoyed a happy and fulfilled childhood. When I moved on to competitive sports at the age of 14, I was overcome with pride - and coldness. I learned to fight, but at what price? Then, at 17, the shock diagnosis: pubitis. The dream of becoming a professional athlete was over. I thought to myself, "Now let's not fall into a deep black hole." What helped me? Aesthetics! In everything that surrounded me. I first began to devote myself to classic menswear. Massimo Pirrone, Lucas Rubinacci and many other Italian men of good taste inspired me day after day.


Slowly I realised how attracted I was to beautiful things. I quickly developed my own style and promptly thought about what my next step would be. The Netherlands! Amsterdam! The Hague! I wanted to get out and join the wonderful mentality of the Dutch. Barely in my head, I started my applications for numerous universities around design and fashion. After a long wait, finally, salvation. Utrecht, The Hague and even Amsterdam. I was actually accepted! But disillusionment quickly followed. We all suffered from one thing: COVID. They said they would not accept foreign students. Too unsafe. What now? I had to look for alternatives nationally.

After careful consideration, I was drawn to Berlin. A good friend offered me the chance to move into his flat share. Half the rent! Berlin is - as far as the housing market is concerned - terrible, but I'm sure you can imagine that. I studied fashion design. Finally! I could give free rein to my creativity. I met exciting people who have remained loyal friends to this day. But the studies themselves didn't fulfil me enough to be happy in Berlin in the long term. I need a change of scenery again. Yes, I know, "consistency" or something...


But I suffered too much in the past from influences that kept taking me away from my true path. I wanted to get closer to my father again. Settled in the "Rhein-Main" area, surrounded by idylls. I had to collect my thoughts. 


And now we are here. I have found peace to work on my next goals. One of these goals is to share my passion. With the help of this blog, I want to bring exactly that to you.


Thank you for being here and have fun reading and discovering. Let yourself be inspired.



See you soon!




Laurens Hammermeister

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